• We’re Back!
    As you may have noticed, the blog has been dormant for a while. As usual, life gets in the way. Between boat projects, visiting Calgary, adopting another dog and keeping our YouTube channel up to date, we simply ran out of hours in the day. The off season was dedicated to neverContinue reading “We’re Back!”
  • Liveaboard Life
    Life update – we’re full time liveaboards now! When we first got Eudora, we put our name down on waitlists for most of the marinas on the west coast of BC. We knew it could be a long wait to get permanent moorage, but we were pleasantly surprised to get a callContinue reading “Liveaboard Life”
  • Weekend at Clementine
    2023 is off to a great start! As per usual I’m weeks behind making blog posts. As an accountant I’ve had lots of year-end work to keep me busy, and we also went to Mexico for vacation. We are working on the logistics of moving from Vancouver to Sidney. We’ve gone fromContinue reading “Weekend at Clementine”