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Life update – we’re full time liveaboards now!

When we first got Eudora, we put our name down on waitlists for most of the marinas on the west coast of BC. We knew it could be a long wait to get permanent moorage, but we were pleasantly surprised to get a call from Van Isle Marina to say that a liveaboard slip had become available. We didn’t hesitate to sign on the dotted line.

It took us a few months to relocate from North Vancouver to SIdney. We sold off our furniture and household goods, and only kept the sentimental things to store for the day we get a land house again. We travelled back and forth a few times on the ferry to bring our things, and our family helped us move our car across as well. Over the Easter weekend, we moved Eudora to her new slip, our new home.

We’ve settled in to full-time life on the boat. The marina is in a fantastic location. It’s quiet and peaceful, with many beaches and trails within walking distance. There’s no rush hour traffic to contend with, and everything we could need or want is available within a 20 kilometer radius. I can already drive to most places without GPS help 🙂

Our local beach – only five minutes’ walk

The living space is cozy and we have everything we need. I’ve personally found myself more at home on the boat than in our North Van apartment. I love cooking in our galley, and we unearthed our bread machine during our move, and bake fresh bread quite often.

Work life continues – I’ve setup my computer and spare monitor at the dining table, and Matt’s office is in the pilothouse. We’re both able to do our jobs the same as we would in our home offices on land.

When we first embarked on this journey, liveaboard life was our dream. It’s hard to believe we’ve arrived here. The hard work has been worth it, and I’m grateful for the good luck that has brought us here. We’re looking forward to enjoying this lifestyle for the foreseeable future. We’ll probably have a land house again someday, but who knows where and when? For now, we’ll go where life takes us.

Princess enjoying her outdoor space.

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