Weekend at Clementine

2023 is off to a great start! As per usual I’m weeks behind making blog posts. As an accountant I’ve had lots of year-end work to keep me busy, and we also went to Mexico for vacation.

We are working on the logistics of moving from Vancouver to Sidney. We’ve gone from our house in Calgary to our apartment in Vancouver, and we will be living full time aboard Eudora this spring. Two years ago, owning a boat was a faraway idea and now we’re actively downsizing so we can live aboard full time. Pinch me!

We were able to enjoy some quality time on the water the last weekend in January. Our friends aboard Big Smile (a 54 Selene) hosted us at the Clementine Outstation in Indian Arm. The outstation is nestled in at the base of the mountains, and you can see and hear Granite Falls from the docks. We had the outstation to ourselves, and it was peaceful, away from any city noises. The sun even made an appearance!

We took our dinghies up the river during high tide to see how far we could get, and made a stop at Granite Falls to admire it right from the base. It really was great to have the whole place to ourselves.

Tango loved being able to explore the river bed when we stopped, and took maximum advantage of being on land. Princess got out onto the dock as well, and explored for a bit, albeit reluctantly. 

We took it in turns hosting dinner, first aboard Eudora, where the menu featured lasagna, garlic bread and Caesar salad. The second evening we were aboard Big Smile to enjoy cauliflower curry, rice and naan bread. As someone who’s grown up going camping, I love that boating meshes being in nature with the creature comforts like running water, comfy bed and a kitchen. I don’t know if I could be convinced to crawl back into a cold tent anytime soon.

It was an incredible weekend. Firstly, it was wonderful to swap stories, enjoy meals and laugh with friends, and secondly it was a tonic to get away from the city, see the sun and breathe in the fresh air and views.

We are so lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest with so many incredible destinations in our backyard.

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