About Us

We are Martina & Matt from Calgary, AB, an accountant and an IT tech. We have two four legged companions, Princess the cat and Tango the dog.

Summer 2021 we visited Vancouver, BC, and happened upon a Nordhavn 40 for sale. We’ve always been interested in Nordhavn boats, and had a 5 year plan to own one, and cruise along the BC coast. We thought there was nothing to lose by looking at the boat, even if we were not ready to buy yet.

We loved being aboard, and could easily imagine hanging out in the saloon, cooking meals in the galley, and navigating from the pilothouse. We left the showing thinking, what a beautiful boat, but the time isn’t right.

Well, fast-forward two weeks, and we had done a lot of thinking. We hadn’t planned to do this now, but then, Nordhavns don’t come on the market everyday, and especially not one as beautiful as this one, so…we thought let’s do something crazy and get this boat!

Here we are now, decision made! We’re selling our home, selling our stuff, and we’re moving to the coast! We’ll be based in Vancouver, BC for the foreseeable future, as we learn our way around the boat, and get her ready to go cruising along the coast.