Liveaboard Life

Life update – we’re full time liveaboards now! When we first got Eudora, we put our name down on waitlists for most of the marinas on the west coast of BC. We knew it could be a long wait to get permanent moorage, but we were pleasantly surprised to get a call from Van IsleContinue reading “Liveaboard Life”

Weekend at Clementine

2023 is off to a great start! As per usual I’m weeks behind making blog posts. As an accountant I’ve had lots of year-end work to keep me busy, and we also went to Mexico for vacation. We are working on the logistics of moving from Vancouver to Sidney. We’ve gone from our house inContinue reading “Weekend at Clementine”

Reflections on our First Year

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been boat people for a year already. This time last year we were boxing up our possessions and organizing movers, cleaners, house showings and goodness knows what else. I’m thankful the stress and anxiety of the move is behind us. Through the process of re-establishing our lives in aContinue reading “Reflections on our First Year”

Visit to the Gulf Islands – July 2022

It’s been a gorgeous summer so far, our first spent here on the West Coast. This week, it’s a sweltering 32 degrees each day. We’ve given up on the apartment for the week. It gets too stuffy, and the balcony is in the full sun in the afternoons, so there’s no escaping the heat. Instead,Continue reading “Visit to the Gulf Islands – July 2022”

February is Almost Over?!

Time sure is flying by. Spring is coming to Vancouver, I’ve spotted flowers in bloom, and gardeners are starting to prune and trim and prep the garden beds. Being a Calgarian, I’m used to hard crusty snow sticking to the ground until March, and flowers blooming in May. I am thoroughly enjoying the spring feeling,Continue reading “February is Almost Over?!”