White Christmas

It’s Christmastime! So much anticipation always goes into this single day, and then as my German Oma would say…Christmas comes, and then it goes again. How true! It’s now two days past Christmas, and we’re already looking forward into the new year. Work assignments, boat projects, training courses, perhaps going back to school?!?

On Christmas Eve Eve we got the chance to get out on the water again. We’ve been very fortunate to meet very kind and generous members of the local boating community who have offered advice and answers, and have been willing and able to be our supervisory captains on the water.

This trip, we cruised up to the end of Indian Arm, and Matt was able to practice docking and reversing Eudora at the empty outstation docks. It was such a gorgeous day on the water. There’s not much other boat traffic this time of the year. It was absolutely gorgeous to see the snow on the trees and the mountains dipping right into the water, with the birds soaring overhead. A day on the water is calming, and there’s always something incredible to see.

Matt is improving his mastery of the boat. He captained the boat for the entirety of this trip, and was able to leave and dock back into our very tight slip at our marina. I’m so incredibly proud of him, and feel extremely lucky to have him as the captain of this ship.

It was a lovely and quiet Christmas. We decided to stay put, with the highway travel situation, and the rising COVID cases. It was overall the more prudent decision, although we did forfeit family time and Christmas dinner.

For our Christmas celebration, we brought two car loads of provisions on board Eudora, and have enjoyed a few days of couch potato time. We’ve been reading, playing games, watching movies and just napping whenever we feel like it. We did family FaceTime calls, and were able to share some Christmas cheer and laughs with everyone back home.

It’s been unseasonably cold for Vancouver. I believe this is the coldest temperature on record for about 15 years. It’s -10 Celsius, and there is snow on the ground. Both of these are rare for Vancouver, and it’s made it feel even cozier to be sitting inside the pilothouse enjoying a hot cup of tea and a good book, while watching the snow fall. A white Christmas indeed!

Wishing a warm and cozy holiday season to all our family and friends around the world!

2 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Wow – looks like you had a really great Christmas break and have exciting times ahead! We wish you all the best for this new adventure and hope we can make it to Vancouver in the near future!

    Katha & Ben

  2. Wow, what an amazing boat!! You live your dream, great ! Our best regards to you, Ingrid & Holger from Henfenfeld

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