Week One and Done

It’s Sunday, and the end of our first full week as Vancouverites and boat people. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, I’ll try my best to recount the highlights.

Arrival to the city was uneventful. We picked up our boat and marina keys, and enjoyed our first evening aboard Eudora.

Our first night aboard was fantastic. After a long journey, it was so nice to be rocked to sleep by the waves. We have a skylight in our stateroom, and its nice to watch and hear the rain.

Eudora has all the comforts of home. A kitchen with double sinks and a full size fridge and freezer. A salon (living room) with a comfortable sitting area and tv. The head (bathroom) has a lovely flush toilet, warm running water, shower and lots of storage space for our things. The master stateroom (bedroom) has a queen sized bed, outlets to charge our devices and room to stand up and stretch. One of the things we did ask ourselves was…”why did we get an apartment, again?” We have everything that we need to be comfortable aboard Eudora. The answer? The apartment is a great place to store our things as we figure out where we want to take this boat.

The rest of the week included lots of ”adulting”. We went to get new cell phone plans to include lots of extra data. The dock doesn’t have easy internet access, and if we plan to WFB (work from boat) we need to get that figured out. The large data plan should tide us over for the time being.

We picked up our apartment keys as well, and got the building tour. It’ll be a great place to do laundry, and use the wifi as we get settled into boat life 🙂

We also did a shopping trip for boat supplies. There are a few things that we need to do before we can head out to sea, and this week we focused on safety things. We have enough life jackets on board for 10 people (!) and we also now have flares, a heaving line if anyone goes overboard, and new smoke and CO detectors. Still on the safety to-do list is to get our fire extinguishers re-freshed, and our life raft re-certified.

Overall it’s been a wonderful first week. Hectic for sure, but it’s been an amazingly easy transition to living in a floating boat home. We have all the comforts of home. The biggest change is the 5+ minute walk to get from our front door to the car to go anywhere, and also all the rain. It seems that each time we start walking to/from the car it starts to rain. Something we’ll get used to in time, I’m sure.

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