One Week to Moving Day!

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It’s kind of hard to believe that the moving truck is coming next week to whisk all of our stuff away to Vancouver. It’s been so busy the past few weeks, that I’ve been on auto pilot, just checking things off the to-do list, I haven’t even really let it sink in what it all means.

There’s lots to be excited for. I’ve been doing some research on street view to see what the neighborhood around our new place is like. There’s a bakery, deli and other restaurants that look interesting. A few different parks where we can take Tango for walks, and the library is also only a few blocks away. I’m excited at the prospect of exploring new spots, sometimes even changing where you buy your toothpaste makes life a little more interesting.

Of course, the other thing that I’m really looking forward to is being by the ocean! I remember when I was a little, taking family vacations to the sea. I always loved smelling the sea air, watching the waves and the water, and walking along the shore, weather it was rocks or beaches. Just being near the water is somehow comforting…and don’t even get me started on watching a sunrise or a sunset over the water. I really can’t wait to sit on Eudora’s deck with a cup of tea, and just watch and listen to the ocean.

There are emotional aspects of the move too, as it creeps ever closer. There’s stress, of course. Our house is on the market, so we’re on the roller coaster of showings, offers and inspections. There’s also the need to get rid of stuff, weather it’s donating it, dumping it, or arranging for people to come and pick it up. It seems like there are endless items on the to-do list before we go, and I’m starting to worry we might not have time to get everything done.

For me the most emotional part is the aspect of the lasts. Last time driving down certain streets, last time going to a restaurant, last time shopping in a store, and worst of all, last time seeing co-workers, friends and family…

I know in my heart that it’s not really the last, as we do have plans to come back and visit as often as we can, but I’ve always had a hard time with endings and goodbyes. Try as I might, the sadness of the lasts feels stronger than the excitement of the firsts that are yet to come. I’m making the most of my time with loved ones this week, and I’ll be giving lots of hugs and shedding some tears.

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